Anton Van Dyck (1599 - 1641)

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Anton Van Dyck (1599-1641), was the most famous portrait painter of the 1600's. 

 English art

 His portrait had an especially strong influence on English art. Van Dyck also painted mythological  and religious scenes and was a fine engraver and etcher. Van Dyck was born in Antwerp, Belgium. He showed great talent for painting as a boy and had his own studio and pupils at the age of 16.



Peter Paul Rubens

 From 1618 to 1620, Van Dyck worked with the famous painter Peter Paul Rubens. Van Dyck visited England briefly in 1629 and then lived in Italy from about 1621 to 1627. He painted in several Italian cities, including Genoa, Rome, and Venice. His portraits of Genoese nobles and their children rank among his finest works.




 Throughout his career, Van Dyck admired the style of the Venetian artist Titian. Van Dick's Italian paintings show Titian's influence in their warm colors and free brushwork. Van Dyck returned to Antwerp in 1627 and worked there for about five years. During this period, he painted his largest and finest religious pictures, including The Resurrection of Christ.




 In 1632, Van Dyck moved to England, where King Charles I made him court painter. The artist became popular with English nobles and completed about 350 portraits of them, including 38 of the King . Portrait of Charles I Hunting, perhaps the most famous of these works.




 Van Dyck ser new standards for English portrait painting through the dignity, elegance, and grace of his interpretations, and his ability to paint clothing and accessiores in vivid detail. He estabilished a tradition closely followed by Thomas Gainsborough and Sir Joshua Reynolds, the leading English portrait painters of the 1700's. Van Dyck created a series of engravings and etchings portraying artists and writers of his day. The portraits in this series, called the Iconographie, rank among the masterpiece of printmaking.



"Assunzione della Vergine"

"Carlo 1 Sovrano d'Inghilterra"

"Cupido e Psiche" 1638. (Olio su Tela) Kensington Palace, Royal Collection, London, UK

"Rinaldo e Armida"

Artinvest2000: Sir Anthony Van Dyck "Dedalo e Icaro" 1630, olio su tela, 115x85 cm. Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto.

Artinvest2000: Sir Anthony Van Dyck "Rinaldo e Armida" "Rinaldo and Armida" 1628-1629. Olio su tela, 236.5x224 cm. Museum of Art. Baltimore, USA


The Van Dyck's works of art

  "Venus Asking Vulcan for Arms for Aeneas" oil on canvas Louvre Paris France

  "The Virgin and Child with Donors" oil on canvas Louvre Paris France

  "The Arrest of Christ" oil on canvas Museo del Prado Madrid Spain

  "Portrait of a Commander in Armour, with a Red Scarf" oil on canvas Dresden Gallery Dresden Germany

  "Portrait of a Gentleman, Putting on his Gloves" oil on canvas Dresden Gallery Dresden Germany

  "St. Jerome" oil on canvas Dresden Gallery Dresden Germany

  "Princess Mary Stuart and Prince William of Orange" 1641 oil on canvas Rijksmuseum Amsterdam Netherlands

  "Thomas Wentworth, 1st Earl of Strafford in an Armor" 1639 oil on canvas National Trust Petworth House Sussex

  "Arthur Goodman" 1639 oil on canvas Duke of Devonshire Chatsworth House Derbyshire

  "Thomas Killigrew and Lord William Crofts" 1638 oil on canvas Windsor Castle Royal Collection

  "Cupid and Psyche" 1638 oil on canvas Kensington Palace Royal Collection London

  "Equestrian Portrait of Charles I, King of England" 1638 oil on canvas National Gallery London

  "Children of Charles I" 1637 oil on canvas Windsor Castle Royal Collection

  "A Meadow, Surrounded by Trees" 1635 watercolor on paper British Museum London

  "Portrait of Henri II de Lorraine, Duc de Guise" 1634 oil on canvas The National Gallery of Art Washington 

  "Charles I and Queen Henrietta Maria with Charles, Prince of Wales and Princess Mary" 1632 oil on canvas Buckingham Palace Royal Collection

  "Portrait of Anna Dalkeith, Countess of Morton, and Lady Anna Kirk" 1630s oil on canvas The Hermitage St. Petersburg Russia

  "The Rest on the Flight to Egypt" 1630 oil on canvas Palazzo Pitti Florence Italy

  "Susanna and the Elders" 1621-1622 oil on canvas Alte Pinakothek Munich Germany

  "Moses and the Serpent" 1621 oil on canvas Museo del Prado Madrid Spain

  "Portrait of Charles V on Horseback" 1620 oil on canvas. Galleria degli Uffizi Florence Italy

  "Rinaldo and Armida" 1628-1629 oil on canvas Museum of Art Baltimore

  "The Assumption of the Virgin" 1627 oil on canvas The National Gallery of Art Washington 



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