Alberto Savinio (Andrea De Chirico) 1891 - 1952


Alberto Savinio " L'ile des charmes" 1928     Alberto Savinio "Atlante" 1927     Alberto Savinio "Annunciazione" 1932     Alberto Savinio " La fidèle épouse " 1929



Italian Version

Alberto Savinio (Andrea De Chirico): Athens1891 - Rome 1952.

Writer and painter, brother of the painter George De Chirico. Formed in the climate of the vanguard experiences slow combustion stoves, he exceeded the surrealism for the classic sparkled with which he dominated the world of the unconscious one. From the metaphysical painting, of which the theorist is thought, movements in 1927 in order to develop one painting surrealist (Monument to the toys, 1929; The Goddess of the temple, 1944; Orfeo widower, 1950) in which reason and fantasy they are interlaced thin..



Alberto Savinio " La partenza del figliol prodigo " 1930     Alberto Savinio " Orphée" circa 1929  Pastello e gouache su tela 72 x 58,7 cm     Alberto Savinio " La navire perdu " 1926     Alberto Savinio " Il sogno di Achille " 1929 olio su tela; 73 x 92  collezione privata





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