Renoir Pierre Auguste (1841-1919)


"Walk"   "Girls on the piano"  Claude Monet Reading, 1872, oil on canvas, Musée Marmottan, Paris  Path Leading to the High Grass, approx. 1875, Musée d'Orsay at Paris

Italian version


Renoir Pierre Auguste (1841-1919), a French impressionist painter, is famous for his pictures of young girls and children, and intimate portraits of French middle-class life. 



 Renoir a master of impressionist painting, became famous for his luminous colours and cheerful scenes of everyday life. In such works as The Luncheon of the Boating Party, he portrayed a carefree group of people at an informal moment. The woman holding the dog is Renoir's wife. He loved to show gay groups in sensuous surroundings, and often used his friends as models. He frequently painted his wife and babies.


Renoir and Monet

 In the 1870's, Renoir and Claude Monet together developed the broken colour technique of The Impressionists. Instead of mixing paints completely, they left small dabs of different colours side by side, permitting the eye to blend them together. But Renoir was more interested in rich colour effects and solidity of form than Monet. Renoir also preferred figure painting to landscapes. During the 1870's, he painted a large number of portraits on commission. Perhaps his most famous is Mme. Charpentier and Her Children


Lady at the Piano, 1875, Art Institute of Chicago  Portrait of Madame Henriot, 1874  Conversation with the Gardener, approx. 1875, oil on canvas, National Gallery of Art at Washington D.C  Les Grands Boulevards, 1875, oil on canvas, Philadelphia Museum of Art


Rococo style

 While many impressionist brought Japanese qualities into their paintings, Renoir revived the rococo style of such painters as Jean Honoré Fragonard and Jean Antoine Watteau. Renoir traveled to Italy in 1880, and his study of Renaissance painters there led him to a new appreciation of the importance of line. He returned to France, where he gave up his broad, colouristic manner and spent several years concentrating on drawing. He painted a famous series, The Bathers, during this time. The happy quality of Renoir's later work does not show the agony he suffered from arthritis, which finally crippled a final style of painting in broad brush strokes and vivid colours.



 Renoir was born in Limoges, France. He was apprenticed to learn porcelain painting after he showed an early talent for drawing. He painted window shades and fans in Paris. He studied at Charles Gleyre's studio, where he met Monet and other young painters who were to form the Impressionist group. He was influenced also by Eduard Manet and the colour methods of Eugène Delacroix.


Bazille at his Easel, 1867, oil on canvas, Musée d'Orsay, Paris  The Ball at the Moulin de la Galette, 1876, oil on canvas, Musée d'Orsay in Paris  Vase of Chrysanthemums  Lady Sewing, 1879, Art Institute of Chicago


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