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 Nicolas Poussin:  (1594-1665), one of the leading French painters of the 1600's, was one of the last important artists to paint in the classical manner of the Renaissance.


Strong sense

His art is marked by a strong sense of form and order, which seems to control the appearance of all objects in his pictures. He subordinated color to form, and felt that subject matter should be as noble as possible.


Les Andelys

One of Poussin's paintings, Saint John on Patmos. His art and principles strongly affected the work of the French Academy when it was founded in 1635. Poussin was born in Les Andelys. In 1624 he went to Rome, where he lived most of his life. In 1640, he helped decorate the Louvre in Paris.

"Conquista di Gerusalemme"

"Ispirazione del Poeta"

"Marte e Venere"

"Mida e Bacco"


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