Andrea Palladio



 Palladio Andrea (1508-1580), was an architect of the Italian Renaissance. 


 Classical Roman

 He visited Rome frequently between 1541 and 1554, and the influence of classical Roman architecture appears in his buildings. 


"Teatro Olimpico"


Four Books

 Palladio's Four Books on Architecture (1570) was a significant work of Renaissance architectural theory. Palladian design influenced the work of Inigo Jones in England during the 1600's and the Georgian style in England during the 1700's. 


"Villa Barbaro"

"Arco delle scalette"

"Villa Cornaro"






 Palladio was born Andrea di Pietro della Gondola in Padua. In 1524, he became an assistant to two stone carvers in Vicenza. He then was employed to work on an adddition to a villa outside Vicenza. 


"Villa Emo"


Giangiorgio Trissino

 The owner of the villa, the Italian humanist Giangiorgio Trissino, gave him the name of Palladio, referring to Pallas Athena, the Greek goddes of wisdom. Palladio's major buildings are villas, palaces, and churches, most of them in or near Vicenza, and Venice. For a color picture of his Villa Rotonda (about 1552), also known as the Villa Capra.


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