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Munch Edvard :  (1863- 1944)




Italian version

 Edvard Munch:  (1863- 1944), was a Norwegian artist


Young girls and women

 His chief works show man as helpless, isolated, and tormented by emotions. Munch painted many portraits, especially of young girls and women. He also painted scenes of figures in landscape settings and made lithographs and woodcuts. 


 Most of his work vividly express an emotion, such as fear, jealously, a terrifying sense of isolation , or sexual desire. These works rank among the early examples of expressionism, an art form that attemps to convey man's inner feelings. 


 Munch was born on Loten, near Oslo. He lived in Paris from 1889 to 1892 and was influenced by the French artist Paul Gauguin. From 1892 to 1908, Munch lived chiefly in Germany. 

German expressionist

 His works had a strong influence on the German expressionists. After Munch returned to Norway in 1909, his art became more realistic, notably in a series of murals he painted for the University of Oslo.

The Cry

Edvard Munch's The Cry illustrates the feeling of anguish and inner torment that appears in many of his works.


Munch's works of art

  § "Sister Inger" 1884 oil on canvas National Gallery Oslo 

  § "Spring" 1889 oil on canvas National Gallery Oslo 

  § "Spring Day on Karl Johann" 1890 oil on canvas Billedgalleri Bergen

  § "Sister Inger" 1892 oil on canvas National Gallery Oslo 

  § "The Vampire" National Gallery Oslo

  § "The Scream" 1893 oil tempera and pastel on cardboard National Gallery Oslo

  § "Study for Madonna" 1893-94 charcoal on paper Munch Museum Oslo

  § "Madonna" 1894-95 oil on canvas National Gallery Oslo 

  § "Self-Portrait with a Burning Cigarette" 1895 oil on canvas National Gallery Oslo

  § "The Kiss" 1897, oil on canvas, Munch Museum Oslo 

   § "Girls on a Bridge" 1899-1900 

   § "The Dance of Life" 1899-1900 oil on canvas Nasjonal galleriet at Oslo

   § "Street in Åsgårdstrand" 1902 oil on canvas Rasmus Meyer Collection Bergen

   § "Self-Portrait with a Wine Bottle" 1906 oil on canvas Munch Museum Oslo

   § "Couple on the Shore (from the Reinhardt Frieze)" 1906-07 tempera on unprimed canvas National Gallery  Berlin



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