Giorgio Morandi 1890 - 1964



Giorgio Morandi "Natura morta" 1929-30    Giorgio Morandi "Paesaggio" 1929    Giorgio Morandi "Paesaggio" 1928    Giorgio Morandi "Natura morta" 1929


Italian Version

Giorgio Morandi:  was born in Bologna in 1890 and died in 1964.


He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna from 1907 to 1913. His ideal inspiration was Paul Cézanne and was also the starting point for the formation of a new formal culture, participant of the most advanced contemporary artistic researches with the coherent consequence of the passage in 1914-15 to the formal starting point of cubism.

His style
Morandi’s adhesion to metaphysical painting (1918-20) did not in any way detract from the purism and essentiality of his vision. At the beginning of 1920 the artist pursued the deepening and maturation of his personal style, first with dense colours and brief strokes, then with a delicate chromatic pattern, as can be seen in the still life works that he painted toward the end of the ‘twenties.

Preference for still life

Based on a reality restricted to a few objects of daily use (bottles, jars, jugs, oil-lamps and coffee pots) the artist defined his whole poetic world that constantly accompanied his coherent pictorial evolution.

Complete artist

Besides still life paintings of objects, Morandi favoured landscapes. In parallel with his pictorial experience the artist developed the art of engraving which he had begun in 1911-12.



Giorgio Morandi "Natura morta" 1929    Giorgio Morandi "Natura morta" 1926    Giorgio Morandi "Natura morta" 1921    Giorgio Morandi "Fiori" 1920



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