Migneco Giuseppe



 Giuseppe Migneco was born in 1908 and lives in Milan.



 He grew up in Ponteschiavo, enjoying the freedom of a happy childhood between the sea and the countryside. This period remains in his mind as the memory of a lost paradise and returns afterwards as a leitmotif in many of his pictures.

 He returned to Messina to study at the Maurolico grammar school where he obtained his school leaving certificate.

Studies and work  

 In 1931 he moved to Milan to follow University courses in medicine , which he soon abandoned in the attempt to realise his artistic aspirations that had induced him to leave Sicily. He managed to make ends meet illustrating some copies of the children’s comic “Corriere dei Piccoli”, preparing adverts for a tie manufacturer, working as a retoucher for the magazines of the publishers Rizzoli and Pizzi & Pizzi. In the meantime he painted autobiographical – existential pictures in a style that is vaguely similar to that of Scipione or Sironi, being aware, however, of the inadequacy of the results compared to the intent.

Return to painting

 His meeting in 1934 with Beniamino Joppolo, an ex-schoolmate, and through him, his friendship with Birolli, De Grada and Sassu was the beginning of his discovery of that pictorial world toward which,  vaguely, but irresistibly he had always been attracted.  With the encouragement of these friends, frequenting their studios , and the sense of freedom that was communicated to him through their works, he started to paint again with a new spirit and more confidence. In 1937 he was among the founders of the “Corrente” (Current) movement.

First personal exhibitions

 In 1940 he inaugurated his first personal exhibition in Genoa, at the Galleria Genova di Cairola. In 1941, a personal exhibition at the “Corrente” Showroom. In 1942 at the Spiga Gallery. The same year he took part at the Bergamo award with his picture “Cacciatori di lucertole” (Lizard catchers). Immediately afterwards he was called up for military service and had to interrupt his artistic activities until 1945 when he exhibited at Renzo Bertoni’s “Galleria a San Radegonda” in Milan.





"Fisherman near the table""

"At the source"






In the following years he exhibited in the following galleries:


1947 : “Galleria del Cavallino”, Venice;

1948-49 : “Galleria del Naviglio”, Milan;

1952-53 : “Galleria La Colonna”, Milan;

1956: “The Leicester Galleries”, London;

1957: “Galerie le Pic Rosenberg”, Paris;

1958: Room XXIX , Venice Biennial Exhibition;

1960: “Galleria Nuova Pesa”, Rome;

1962: “Galleria Michaud”, Florence;

1964-65: “Galleria Goethe”, Bolzano;

1966: “Galleria Macchi”, Pisa;

1970: “Galleria La Robinia”, Palermo;

1971:  “Galleria Gissi”, Turin;

1972: “Galleria Medea”, Milan;

1974: “Galleria Pace”, Milan;

1977: “Galleria Toninelli”, Rome;

1978: “ Levy Gallery”, Hamburg;

1979:  “Galleria l’Indiano”, Florence;

1982: “Galleria 32”, Milan;

1983: “Galleria Borgo Arte”, Borgomanero;

1984: “Rotonda della Bassa”, Milan.




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