Maurice Utrillo 1883-1955


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Artinvest2000: Maurice Utrillo: "Le Moulin de La Galette" Private Collection, Milan, Italy  Artinvest2000: Maurice Utrillo "Church in Provence" Museum of Modern Art, New York  Artinvest2000: Maurice Utrillo "Chartres Cathedral" (about 1913) Collection of Mrs. L. B. Wescott, Clinton, N. J.  Artinvest2000: Maurice Utrillo: "Bistros in a Suburb" (about 1910) Collection Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Rubel, N. Y.  Artinvest2000: Maurice Utrillo: "The Berlioz House and the Hunting Lodge of Henri IV" (about 1917) The Art Gallery of Toronto, Canada



Utrillo, Maurice:  (Paris 1883 -Dax 1955).

The son of Suzanne Valadon and of an unknown father, Maurice Utrillo was born in Montmartre on December 26th 1883. Working as a model for the artists Puvis de Chavannes, Renoir and Toulouse-Lautrec, Suzanne Valadon rapidly neglected her son and devoted herself to painting instead. The young Maurice was left in the care of his grand-mother but coping with his loneliness and the absence of his mother he soon became addicted to drink. Already, at the age of 21 he suffered the first symptoms of a deep mental disorder. From then on, fits of explosive anger, scandals and internments in lunatic asylums became his common lot during many years.  Luckily, such mental illness resulted in an urge to paint. Following the advice of a doctor, who was also a close friend, Suzanne Valadon encouraged her son to start up a career thinking that painting could prove to be a useful therapy for him. Nevertheless, she soon understood that he was endowed with a real talent. As early as 1926, Maurice Utrillo became famous and his works were much in demand by collectors. He married Lucie Pauwels in 1935 and settled in the Paris suburb of Le Vésinet where he led a peaceful life working daily until his death on November 5th 1955.


Utrillo never adhered to the major artistic currents , the "Fauvist", "Cubist" or "Post-Impressionist" movements, which emerged during this century. Everything he wanted to signify was told in the scenes he painted according to his own way. Utrillo's landscape his not that of nature. Contrary to the Impressionist painters he left little place to water, grounds or to nature. Painting a sky was not his major preoccupation. His landscapes are simply invaded by buildings erected by human hands. They are made of villages, suburbs and towns.



Artinvest2000: Maurice Utrillo: "Rue des Abbesses" (ca. 1910) Collection Mr. and Mrs. John Hay Whitney, N. Y.  Artinvest2000: Maurice Utrillo: "Village Church"  Artinvest2000: Maurice Utrillo: "Place du Tertre" (about 1911 or 1912) Tate Gallery, London  Artinvest2000: Maurice Utrillo: "Snow in Montmartre" Dr. Giovanni Felch Collection, Milan, Italy

Artinvest2000: Maurice Utrillo: "View of Montmagny" (1903)  Artinvest2000: Maurice Utrillo: "Houses in Montmartre"  Artinvest2000: Maurice Utrillo: "Pont Neuf" (about 1908) Carstairs Gallery, New York  Artinvest2000: Maurice Utrillo: "Paris Street" (1914) Helen Birch Bartlett Memorial Collection Art Institute of Chicago  Artinvest2000: Maurice Utrillo: "Street Scene" (about 1925) Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Artinvest2000: Maurice Utrillo: "Rue Ravignan" (about 1911) Collection Gregoire Tarnapol, New York  Artinvest2000: Maurice Utrillo: "The Seine" (1905) Private Collection, Basel, Switzerland  Artinvest2000: Maurice Utrillo: "Renoirs Garden" (1909-1910) Collection Gregoire Tarnapol, New York  Artinvest2000: Maurice Utrillo: "Windmills of Montmartre" (1949) Collection Dr. and Mrs. Harry Bakwin, N. Y.



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