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Giorgione (1478-1510) was an Italian artist who helped make Venice a center of painting during the Italian Renaissance.

Religious themes

Giorgione's richly colored pictures influenced Venetian artists throughout the 1500's. Unlike other Italian painters of this time, Giorgione did notemphasize religious themes.

Rural landscapes

Instead, he used non religious subjects set in rural landscapes. He achieved a moody, shodowy feeling by applying his paint in a somewhat sketchy manner.

Giorgione's style

Giorgione's Concert Champetre, illustrates his style. This painting features five figures, including two nude women, in a scene of country life. Giorgione's use of hazy light gives the figures a dreamy, romantic appearance. The rich colors, soft flesh tones, and merging of the figures into the background are typical of Giorgione's style.


Giorgione was born in the village of Castelfranco, near Venice. He died of the plague in his early 30's, leaving many unfinished canvases. Other artists, including the Venetian painter Titian, finished these works.

The sign

Giorgione did not sign his paintings, and so scholars still dispute which works can be considered entirely his. Only six paintings are universally accepted as Giorgione's own.

Giorgione's works of art

§ "Pastoral Concert" 1508-09 Oil on canvas Musée du Louvre Paris

§ "The Three Philosophers" 1509
oil on canvas Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna

§ "Madonna Enthroned with the Child between St. Francis and St. Liberal" c. 1505 oil on wood
Duomo Castelfranco Veneto

§ "Tempest" c. 1505 oil on canvas Gallerie dell'Accademia Venice

§ "Madonna Enthroned with the Child between St. Francis and St. Liberal" c. 1505 oil on wood
Duomo Castelfranco Veneto

§ "Adoration of the Shepherds" 1505-10 oil on canvas National Gallery of Art Washington

§ "Madonna with the Child, St Anthony of Padua and St Roch" oil on canvas Museo del Prado Madrid

§ "The Sunset" 1506-10 oil on canvas National Gallery, London

§ "Sleeping Venus" c. 1510 oil on canvas Gemäldegalerie Dresden






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