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Faccincani Athos: Athos Faccincani was born on January 29th 1951 at Peschiera del Garda.


 During 1963 and 1964 he attended the studio of Pio Semeghini, and around the end of the ‘sixties the studios of Seibezzi, Novati and Gamba. In 1971 he organised his first exhibition at “Il Salotto” Gallery in Desenzano, and sponsored by the local government held his first personal exhibition in the Historical Palace of Peschiera del Garda, which was again repeated in December 1975. On October 26th 1975 he married Rita Campanardi and on November 10th 1978 their first son, Mattia, was born.


His life
 On October 26th 1975 he married Rita Campanardi and on November 10th 1978 their first son, Mattia, was born. As a young man he was a nature-lover, a rebel and free as a horse; he has continued to be a rebel, his pictures, full of light and colour, always portray simply and joyfully how his life is to be. He roams between reality and dreamland in the saddle of a horse and on the waves of fantasy. Reality, fantasy and painting which now, more than ever, man feels the need of to express his values.


 Around 1977 Faccincani started to organise humanitarian and charity initiatives, as well as literary sessions with poetry reading. Many of his most precious friendships are connected with the theatre world: Carlo Cristiani, Paola Borboni and Toti dal Monte, to mention just a few.


Exhibitions and personal exhibitions
July, 1973 :“Il Salotto” Gallery in Desenzano and in September a personal exhibition in the Castle of Gorizia.

May 1974 he arranged a collection at Palazzo Bonaguro, Bassano with works of Brindisi, Vedova, Treccani, Ghioni and Pavan; in June a personal exhibition at the “Capricorno” Gallery, Bolzano and in July another personal exhibition in Venice, at Villa dei Dogi. 

September 1976 in Vienna at Palazzo Palify, in December a personal exhibition in the Town Hall of Peschiera del Garda, sponsored by the local government.

November 1978 a personal exhibition in the Sala Morone of S. Bernardino, Verona.

February 1979,  a personal exhibition at the Art Museum in Lausanne , and with Gian d’Oloni Masoni at the Art Gallery in Lausanne. In July another personal exhibition in Caprino Veronese.

February 1980 he organised a personal exhibition “Visual Space of freedom” at the Palazzo della Gran Guardia, Verona and was honoured by the visit of the President of the Republic, Sandro Pertini. In December he exhibited in the Palazzo Re Enzo, Bologna and in March in the “Fedele Lampertico” Room, Vicenza.



"Vaso con piccoli girasoli e la rocca di Manerba"



"Piazza Erbe di Verona"

"La barca rossa"


"Campo di girasoli"


July 1981 at the Town Hall, Sirmione.
1982 : the Ghelfi Gallery, Verona; Palazzo Vecchio in Florence, the Gran Guardia in Verona and the Manach Gallery, Paris.

1983 :  Town Hall, Sirmione; Regional Palace in Vicenza; Palazzo di Re Enzo, Bologna and the “G” Gallery, Annecy.

1984: Piccinini Gallery, Cortina d’Ampezzo; Palazzo Murat, Positano and the Town Hall of Portofino.

1985: Odissea Gallery at S.Antonio, Texas; Arte Fiera in Bologna; the Halper Gallery, New York, the Durney Gallery, Toronto; the Gallery of Modern Art, Teramo; “S.Allende” Hall in Nereto, the municipality of Tortoreto organised an exhibition in honour of four Venetian artists: Faccincani, Augusto Murer, Armando Pizzinato and Tono Zancanaro; Palazzo Murat, Positano, Palazzina Storica, Peschiera del Garda; “La meridiana” Gallery, Verona and “La Ginestra” Gallery in Recanati, Macerata.

1986: Palazzo Pignatelli, Cerignola; the Olympic Ice Rink in Cortina d’Ampezzo; Expo Arte, Bari; Studio 57, Udine; Gallery of Modern Art, Teramo; Marchetti Gallery, Chicago; Palazzo Murat, Positano; Gallery of Modern Art, Porto Ercole in the Casa del Brigantino; Palazzo Vittone, Pinerolo (Turin); Villa Carlotta in Belgirate near lake Maggiore; “Anziché” Cultural Circle, Florence; Università degli Studi – Palazzo del Rettorato, Ancona; Hotel Emilia, Bivio Portonovo (Ancona); “Galleria City”, Lignano Sabbiadoro (Udine); Rosati Art Gallery, Ascoli Piceno; Club 86 in the Sala Gialla Carpi, Modena and the Bernascoli Gallery, Zurich.

1987: Cassa di Risparmio, Cortina d’Ampezzo; Novo Hotel, New York; Koko Hoffman Gallery, Chicago; Centro d’Arte Miniaci, Positano and Gambardella Art Gallery, Chamberly, London.
1988: An exhibition called “25 years of painting at  the Bastione S. Marco, Peschiera del Garda ; Novo Hotel, New York; Sarasota Art Gallery, Florida; Turelli Gallery, Montecatini; Miniaci Italian Art, Positano; Palm Manhor Art Gallery, New York; an exhibition in the square at Capri; anthological exhibitions in Verona, S, Giminiano, Positano, Rome, Boston, New York, San Francisco and Chicago.

1989: several exhibitions in the United States; Rufino Gallery, Cortina d’Ampezzo; “Il Forno” Gallery, S. Giminiano; Centro d’Arte Miniaci, Positano and Miniaci Art Studio, Capri.

1990: Palazzo Piscini, Loigo (Vincenza), Palazzo Gran Guardia, Verona; Town Hall of Sirmione, Brescia; “Il Forno” Gallery, S. Giminiano; Centro d’Arte Miniaci, Positano and Miniaci Art Studio, Capri.

1991:  London, Madrid, Los Angeles and Hamburg.

1992: Bremen and Stuttgart, sponsored by Mercedes.

1993: Munich.

April 1994: Gelmini Art Gallery, Bergamo.

1996: once again at the Gelmini Art Gallery, Bergamo and in the Artecapital, Brescia.

1997: Muratto Inneneinrichtungen, Zurich in May, and Burgenstock, Lucerne and Artecapital, Brescia in August.

1998: in February in Chamonix, France and again in the Artecapital, Brescia.


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