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I Principali movimenti artisticiIn actual fact there is nothing that responds to the name art.  There are only artists: men who once took coloured earth to trace as they were able the  shape of a bison on the walls of a cave – and who today  buy colours and design advertisements for the subway stations, and over the centuries did many other things.  There is no wrong in calling all these activities art, providing we bear in mind that this word can have many different meanings according to the time and place and that we realise that there is no Art with a capital “A” that today becomes ridiculous or frightful.

The pleasure of art

I don’t really believe that there are wrong ways to enjoy a picture or a statue.  One person will like a landscape because  it reminds him(her) of his or her home; another admires a portrait because it reminds him/her of a friend – there  is nothing wrong with this. All of us, when we look at a picture tend to remember many things that can  influence our reactions. As long as these memories help us to enjoy what we are looking at, why worry. But if these memories of little importance become a prejudice, we should search in our mind to find out why we have this aversion that can deprive us of a pleasure  which we could have otherwise enjoyed.  There are mistaken reasons for not enjoying a work of art.  more



This virtual gallery aims to be a sort of exhibition on XX century Italian art and is sustained by a double assumption: it rotates around the conviction that History is the substantive and qualifying hinge for the production of essentiality and specificity; and being aware that any attempt at critical interpretation, intended to redefine the linguistic strategies, the relationships or fluctuations of visual matters, the morphology and the style of making art in Italy is constituted according to the vision experienced, and which is absolutely personal, by the artists. Important names are suggested in this site, but that’s not all. With our experience we have blind faith in certain artists and therefore are fully confident when advising you in the purchase. Knowing full well that for many people Art is a real luxury, we have though to enable you to make your purchase in convenient installments so that it weighs less on your budget and at the same time you don’t have to sacrifice the cultural aspect or give up the possibility of a good investment! Therefore in this site you will find hundreds of works to browse through: important masters for those who want a masterpiece; less pretentious but not for this reason of less beauty for those who don’t want to renounce the pleasure of an original. Remember that Art is synonymous of culture, class distinction. Wherever it may be, it offers us emotions and pleasure besides allowing us to look toward the future with greater serenity. Be proud of loving it! Continuing on you will discover a site that is not only for selling, but also to promote the culture of Art with hundreds of biographies and pictures that if you wish you can download and use as a background on your computer! So enjoy your navigating , and we hope that our efforts will be really useful for all those who love Art and that with this visit want to add something new to their culture; or to those who intend to start this great adventure having pleasure in being accompanied by Artinvest2000

Albert BierstadtAlbert Bierstadt went west for the first time in 1859, a young, ambitious painter in the party of Colonel Frederick W. Lander, who had been charged by the Interior Department to survey a new wagon route to California which would go north of Salt Lake and thus prevent further friction between emigrants and Mormons. Lander was also to placate the Native Americans whose trading would be disrupted by relocating the California and Oregon wagon trails that had been in use for years. The expedition offered the artist an opportunity to see America's fabled mountains, known to a fascinated public through written descriptions and photographs in black and white, and to encounter Native Americans in their natural setting. If the Rockies were as grand as the Alps, paintings of them would find buyers already enthusiastic at the prospects of westward expansion, especially merchants and boosters of the railroads. When Bierstadt set out he was a better landscape painter than previous artists who had gone west, having studied for three years in Dusseldorf and painted in Italy. Women love cheap prom dresses. They always buy cheap prom dresses online. I know the dresses for prom are perfect to me. In Boston and his hometown of New Bedford, he was enjoying success with his paintings of landscape and European genre, due in no small measure to a talent for self-promotion. Lander's expedition crossed Nebraska, and continued northwest following the North Fork of the Platte River into western Wyoming........................ More

Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519)Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519), was one of the greatest artists of the Italian Renaissance, and the greatest experimental scientist of his age. He displayed genius in almost all the arts and sciences. leonardo was a painter, scupltor, architect, musician, and art critic. He studied the sciences as an inventor, a civil and military engineer, a botanist, an astronomer, and a geologist. He became the leading student of anatomy of his time. Da Vinci also pioneered studies of flying. He sketched flying machines based on the way birds fly. Leonardo's many designs show that he had a knowledge of aviation far beyond his own time. Early Life: Leonardo was born in the little village of Vinci. His father, Piero da Vinci, may have served as the village notary and lawyer. His mother was peasant girl named Caterina. Piero's parents took Leonardo into their home and raised him. The boy showed one side of his genius by working out difficult problems in mathematics and engineering. But he showed greatest promise in drawing and painting. As a result, his father took him to Florence to study with Andrea del Verrocchio. Da Vinci studied painting, sculpture, and engineering under Verrocchio. He painted the figure of an angel in Verrocchio's Baptism of Christ while he was still a student........... More


De Lempicka Tamara    Pontormo    Raffaello    Gauguin    Van Dyck Anthony    Artinvest2000. Salvador Dalì: "Gli orologi molli: la persistenza della memoria" 1931.