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Durer Albrecht (1471-1528) a German painter, engraver, and designer, was one of the foremost artists of his country during the Renaissance.

Italian painters

He was perhaps the most original creative German artist, and he influenced generations of artists in northern Europe. He learned much from the Italian painters, and combined their discoveries with the tradition of his German homeland.

Christian spirit

Durer combined a love of the ancient world with a deep Christian spirit. His works include the engraving, Knight, Death, and the Devil; a woodcut series, The Smaller Passion; and the self-portrait in the Prado in Madrid. Two of his most notable paintings are Martyrdom of the Ten Thousand and Adoration of the Magi.As an engraver, Durer developed the methods of Martin Schongauer, and combined them with the lessons of Andrea Mantegna to bring that art to its highest perfection in his century.

He probably drew the designs for his woodcuts in the blocks, then carved away the wood to create wood engravings. They were widely copied. His woodcuts are inventive, exuberant, sometimes grim and grotesque.

Durer was born in Nuremberg, where he probably learned how to engrave from his father , a goldsmith. For three years, he was apprenticed to Michel Wohlgemuth (1434-1519). At 19, he may have visited Italy.

Venetian painters

After 1505, Durer lived in Venice. From his contact with the Venetian painters, Durer learned to simpifly and strengthen his work. He learned further refinements from Flemish painters during a visit he made to The Netherlands. He returned to Nuremberg after 1512, and became the favorite painter of Emperor Maximilian I. He achieved his greatest works there. He was admired by Raphael and Erasmus.

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