Donatello:  (1386?-1466) was a great Italian sculptor. He was a master of all the techniques and materials of sculpture, and seemed able to handle any subject in the most striking manner.



Lorenzo Ghiberti

Donatello was born in Florence, and served as assistant to sculptor Lorenzo Ghiberti. About 1415, he carved the marble statue of St. George and the relief below it, St. George Killing the Dragon. The Saint stands relaxed , as if he is in deep thought, an ideal example of the Christian knight. The relief is remarkably flat, although it shows an extensive landscape.





Donatello's effective use of realism appears in the statue of a prophet, known as Lo Zuccone, The Pumpkinhead, which he created about 1425. Late in life, Donatello began using distortion as he tried to show even more realistic emotional expression.




Donatello did three wellknown statues of David. His bronze David from the 1430's shows the influence of classical Greek sculpture on his own personal style. Donatello's other famous works include the bronze equestrian monument, man on horseback of the Italian general Gattamelata. It was done in Padua between 1443 and 1453.


"David" 1444-46

"Monumento equestre a Gattamelata" 1444-53

"Le Marie al sepolcro" 1460-70

"Il Profeta Geremia" 1427

"San Giorgio" 1416-17

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Donatello's works of art


§ "Crucifixion c. 1465 Bronze Museo Nazionale del Bargello Florence

§ "Pazzi Madonna" 1420-30s Staatliche Museen Berlin

§ "Annunciation" 1430 Sandstone Santa Croce Florence

§ "Lamentation over the Dead Christ" before 1456 Bronze
Victoria and Albert Museum London
§ "St Rossore" 1425-27 Guilded bronze Museo Nazionale di San Matteo Pisa

§ "St John the Baptist" 1438 Wood
Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari Venice

§ "Assumption of the Virgin" 1427 Sant'Angelo a Nilo Naples

§ "Crucifix"1412-13 Wood Santa Croce Florence

§ "Marzocco" c. 1419 Stone Museo Nazionale del Bargello Florence

§ "Judith and Holofernes" 1455-60 Bronze Palazzo Vecchio Florence

§ "Allegoric Figure of a Boy" 1430 Bronze Museo Nazionale del Bargello, Florence

§ "Annunciation" c. 1435 Gilded pietra serena
Santa Croce Florence

§ "Bust of Niccolo da Uzzano 1430 Polychrome terracotta
Museo Nazionale del Bargello, Florence

§ "Candelabra Angels" 1430 Bronze Musée Jacquemart-André Paris


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