DIEGO RODRIGUEZ VELAZQUEZ                                             Italian version

 Velązquez Diego (1599-1660), was an important Spanish baroque painter.




Las Meninas

Many characteristics of his style can be seen in one of his masterpieces, Las Meninas (Maids of Honor). Las Meninas shows Velązquez use of realism, rich colors, light and shadow, and his ability to place his subjects in space. Despite the apparent effortless quality of his paintings, Velązquez was a painstaking craftsman who constantly reworked his canvases.

Pablo Picasso

His pictures have influenced such later artists as Gustave Courbet, Edouard Manet, and Pablo Picasso. Diego Rodriguez de Silva y Velązquez was born in Seville. As a youth, he studied with Francisco Pacheco. Pacheco taught him the style of the Italian artist Michelangelo Caravaggio, characterized by its realism an use of somber light and dark tones.






Velązquez began to paint for King Philip IV in 1623, and was a succesfull court painter for the rest of his life. In 1629 Velązquez went to Italy, where he studied the art of ancient Rome and perfected his ability to paint nudes. After his return to Spain in 1631, he produced a series of great royal portraits as well as The Surrender of Breda (The Lances), one of the world's finest historical paintings...

Nudes in Spanish art

Velązquez again visited Italy from 1649 to 1651. While in Rome he did a penetrating potrait of Pope Innocent X and also painted his only pure landscapes. After his return to Spain, Velązquez painted some of his greatest pictures. These include his most dazzling court portraits, Venus With a Mirror, one of the few nudes in Spanish art; The Spinners, based on the Greek legend of Arachne; and Las Meninas.




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