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Artinvest2000. Della Robbia: "Visitazione" 1445 circa, terracotta invetriata, San Giovanni Fuorcivitas, Pistoia.Della Robbia was the family name of an uncle and his nephew who were Italian sculptors of the early Renaissance.

Luca Della Robbia (1400?-1482)

He made the famous marble sculpture, the Singing Gallery, fo the Cathedral of Florence. He is better known for his work in terra cotta, a type of hard, durable earthenware. Della Robbia covered his terra cottas with glazes in white and brilliant colors. These terra cottas were less expensive than marble, and the glazed colors more durable than paint. Born in Florence, Della Robbia began his career as a goldsmith.

Andrea Della Robbia (1435-1525)

He carried on the process of glazing terra cottas successfully. His uncle's will left the secret to him. He made a wider use of terra cotta than his uncle. One of his outstanding works is the infants on the Hospital of the Innocents in Florence. Della Robbia's work can be seen in the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. He was born in Florence.


Members of the Florentine Della Robbia family were noted for creating exquisite terra-cotta sculptures enameled in various colors. "Resurrection" a high-relief sculpture glazed with blue, gold, and milky-white enamels, is housed in the National Museum of the Bargello in Florence, Italy.
Della Robbia's works of art

§ "Madonna and Child Jesus" by Luca Della Robbia

§ "singing gallery" 1431 by Luca della Robbia

§ "Cantoria or choir-loft for the Sacristy of the Duomo" 1431-38 St. Maria del Fiore Cantoria

§ "The bas-reliefs in the lower part" of the Belltower of the Duomo 1437-39

§ "The four large tondos on the ceiling of the Pazzi Chapel, the funeral monument to Bishop Benozzo Federighi in Santa Trinita 1454-57 and the magnificent ceiling of the Chapel of the Cardinal of Portugal in San Miniato 1461-66

§ "Ospedale degl'Innocenti Tondos on facade

§ "The Annunciation" by Andrea della Robbia Virgin from c. 1465 Lead-glazed terra-cotta


Madonna e Infante con due Angeli Madonna e Bambino 1475 La Vergine e l'infante insieme a San Pietro, San Paolo  San Giovanni Battista e San Francesco La Nativitą 1460 Artinvest2000. Della Robbia: "Pietą" 1514, terracotta invetriata, Museo nazionale del Bargello, Firenze.




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