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 Salvador Dalì:  (1904-1989), is a famous surrealist painter.

The modern art

His unusual pictures have made him one of the most publicized figures in modern art. Dalì calls his surrealist paintings "hand-paited dream photographs." The pictures shows strange, often nightmarish combinations of precisely detailed figures and objects. Many of his paintings have strong sexual associations.

The landscape

The barren landscapes and fantastic rock formations of the Spanish region of Catalonia, where Dalì was born. appear in a number of his works. Dalì's Gala and the Angelus of Millet Immediately Preceding the Arrival of the Conic Anamorphoses illustrates his realistic technique and his use of complicated, puzzling symbols. Dalì has also created many etchings and lithographs. He designed many of these prints to illustrate books.

Luis Bunuel

Salvador Felipe Jacinto Dalì was born in Figueras, Spain. He is also a sculptor and jewelry designer. Dalì collaborated with the Spanish film director Luis Bunuel on two famous surrealist motion pictures, "An Andalusian Dog" 1929 and "The Golden Age" 1930.






"Leda atomica"

"Premonizioni della guerra civile"



The artist's style

Dalì's Accomodations of Desire was completed about 1929. This oil and collage painting shows the mysterious combination of realistic figures and objects typical of the artist's style.

Dalì's works of art

§ "The First Days of Spring" 1929

§ "Meditation on the Harp" 1932-34

§ "The Average Bureaucrat" 1930

§ "Old Age, Adolescence, Infancy (The Three Ages)" 1940

§ "Eggs on a Plate Without a Plate" 1932

§ "The Ghost of Vermeer of Delft Which Can Be Used as A Table" 1934

§ "Daddy Longlegs of the Evening-Hope!" 1940

§ "The Weaning of Furniture-Nutrition" 1934

§ "Slave Market with the Disappearing Bust of Voltaire" 1940

§ "Apparatus and Hand" 1927

§ "Big Thumb, Beach, Moon and Decaying Bird" 1928



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