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ANTONIO CANOVA                                                                   Italian version

 Antonio Canova (1757-1822)




The name is Antonio (1757-1822), was one of the most famous and influential European sculptors of the Napoleonic period.
Canova's sculpture is usually called "neoclassical" because it shows the strong influence of classical Greek and Roman work. Many of his statues represent the gods and heroes af ancient times.
Even when portraying Napoleon and other people of his own time, Canova usually presented them as though they were ancient Romans. Canova's greatness lies in his ability to fill these forms from another time with a grace and vitality that are distinctly his own.
His life
Canova was born in Possagno in northern Italy and spent much of his life in Rome. But he was known and admired all over Europe. 
His statues
Most of his statues are in European collections, but the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City owns important works, including Perseus and Cupid and Psyche.


The Canova's works of art

  § "The dance of the Sons of Alcynous" and "The Death of Priamus" bas-reliefs 

  § "Theseus and the Dead Minotaur" 1781-1782

  § "Amorino"

  § "Apollo Crowning Himself"

  § "The Cupid and Psyche"

  § "Eurydice"

  § "Orpheus"

  § "Paulina Borghese as Venus, Victrix"

  § "Perseus with the Head of Medusa" 1804-06 Metropolitan Museum of Art New York

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