Xavier Bueno, born in Vera de Bidasoa (Spain) in 1915 , he died at Fiesole (Florence) on July 17th 1979.


He started his studies at the S. Fernando Academy in Madrid, then continued in Geneva, where in 1937 he held his first personal exhibition, with works representing a strong Spanish Realism, followed by studies under Diase Bianquet at the Grand Caumiere in Paris


In the ‘forties, together with his brother Antonio, Sciltian and Annigoni, he participated in the group of Modern Realist Painters.

From the ‘fifties onwards his paintings are characterised by a Realism with a strong social content and at times are even pathetic.


Salvatore Quasimodo wrote :” Special attention should be paid to the still life works of Bueno, uplifted into a bottomless space where the depths are created by the rhythm of the objects, subtracted to a metaphysical absence”


"Ritratto di giovane" 1959

"Profilo di bimba"

"Natura morta con sveglia"



His subjects

The subjects that Bueno took mainly into consideration are portrayed by suffering and melancholy images of women and children.

He found inspiration for his works in the paintings of Goya and Delacroix.

His techniques

He used traditional techniques, a mixed technique of oil and sand on canvas.

Important works and personal exhibitions

Among his most well-known works “The dead Warrior” (Il Guerrigliero morto”).

Personal exhibitions : Il Vaglia Gallery, Florence, Rotta, in Genoa, Il Vertice in Milan, La Bussola in Turin and the Museum of Piacenza.

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