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Antonio Bueno, Born in Berlin, July 21st 1918, died  in Fiesole, September 26th 1984.Formation

Of Spanish parentage, he started his education in Madrid, then continued at the School of Fine Arts in Geneva and the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris, under the tuition of Bianchet and then Guerain.

In 1939 he came to Italy with his brother Xavier and settled in Florence.


Neo-figurative art

He passed through various stages as a young artist : in 1947-48 he was part of the realist group, then passed over to abstract painting, experimenting from 1949 to 1953 in the environment of the avant-garde magazine Numero he became an advocate of neo-figurative painting with a tendency to recover some components of the Italian metaphysical school.

Exhibitions and personal exhibitions

1952: his first personal exhibition at the Bussola in Turin, which was followed by others.

1953: at the Numero Gallery in Florence, the Cavallino in Venice and the Barbaroux in Milan.

1954: at the Vigna Nuovo in Florence.

In 1956 he exhibited at the Venice Biennial Exhibition and the year after made a long tour studying in the United States. Personal exhibitions were held in New York and Los Angeles.










1961: London

1968: personal exhibition at the Venice Biennial, which was followed by insistent invitations to exhibit at the Rome Quadrennial Exhibition, the Morzotto Award, the Fiorino Award.

He also presented his works at the Young Italian Painters Exhibition, the Espana Libre, the festival des Arts Plastiques in Sopot, the Italian festival in San Francisco and the “Atti impuri” Exhibition of the 70 group in Peking.

“New Figuration”

In 1962 he signed the first manifesto of New Figuration, and in 1963 was present in Florence at Palazzo Strozzi where this tendency was exhibited.

He took part in Palermo and Reggio Emilia in the Group 63 meetings and was among the founders of the Florentine 1970 group.


Techniques and subjects

His works are part of the well known and easily recognised artistic cycles – cycle of the realistic artists depicting subjects with an almost hyper-realistic technique; the metaphysical style, commonly known as “the clay pipe style” of the ‘fifties and that of the “puppets” of the 70 group.

The primitive Italians, Flemish, and primitive Spanish were his inspiration and artistic focus.



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