Remo Brindisi:  born on April 25th 1918 in Rome.


Brindisi studied in Pescara, l’Aquila, Rome and also frequented the Art School in Urbino . He travelled studying in Florence, Paris and Venice and finally settled in Milan. A lover of art and culture, he founded a modern art museum at Lido di Spina, that houses a collection of the works of leading contemporary artists of all nations.

Brindisi the expressionist

His earlier works are particularly descriptive and lyrical – they are the works of a great painter, inspired by political and civil commitment, the reference to expressionism has clear, informal understanding. His paintings used expressionist characters of the New Figuration environment


He has received the approval of international critics and has become one of the most quoted and famous Italian painters of this century. His works have been faked and copied, becoming a typical and sad phenomenon of the Art market.




"Gli Oppositori"





Important exhibitions

In 1940 he held his first Personal Exhibition in Florence and in 1955 in Zurich. These were followed by many awards and other personal exhibitions of his works in several important towns in Italy. He has also exhibited in Paris, Nice, at the Palazzo Reale in Milan , at the Venice Biennial Exhibition and the Rome Quadrennial Exhibition, in Cairo, at the San Paolo Brazil Biennial Exhibition, the International Exhibition of the late 20th century in Paris, at the Modern Art Museums of Trieste and Palermo. He has also been the President of the Milan Triennial.


Painting according to Brindisi

He has painted great cyclic works with political and social themes, with much vigour the History of Fascism (1957 – 62).

He has designed theatrical scenery including the panels for recent operas at the Verona Arena.

He mainly paints figures, faces and landscapes, among his most well known are “Venezie” (venetian scenes), “Oppositori” (The opposers) and “Pastorelli” (The shepherds).



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