Franz Borghese: was born in Rome on January 21st 1941.

He studied at the Fine Arts Academy and Art School in Rome, with Domenico Purificato, Giuseppe Capogrossi, U. Maganzini and Giulio Turcato.

In 1964 he founded an art and culture magazine “Il ferro di cavallo” (The horseshoe).

Borghese the narrator
From the middle ‘sixties he became a lucid and ironic narrator of the habits and alienations of the middle class, by means of grotesque stereotypes, apparently adhering to the ideological German Expressionism of George Grosz and Otto Dix, but in fact immersed in a lively and ambiguous fantasy-fabled vein.

Personal Exhibitions
1968: “N.F.I.” Gallery, Rome

1969 and 1971: “Il Calibro” Gallery, Rome

1970: “Il Rombo” Gallery, Catanzaro

1980: “Citybank”, Turin

1981: “Il Canocchiale” Gallery, Milan



La coppia"



Comments of Villani
Dino Villani, commenting on the artist writes: “ This is an artist who picks up the grotesque situations of human life portraying them in images that bring to mind those of Grosz, slightly softened by Maccari, but inflamed by the reds and browns of the Roman School set on fire by Scipione”.


His works usually represent ironic frames and caricatures of middle class society and urban crowds.

The artist uses many techniques: oil and tempera; Chinese ink and water colours, graphic and engraving techniques and sculptures.


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