Bonfantini Sergio 1909-1989




Sergio Bonfantini : Novara 1909-1989.

He started painting at the age of 18 with Casorati in Turin. In 1929 he made his debut in Casorati’s school and the same year held his first personal exhibition at the Galleria Milano in Milan.

Biennial and Quadrennial Exhibitions
In 1930 he presented his pictures at the Venice Biennial Exhibition, and was invited again in 1932 –1934 - 1936 and 1948. In 1935 he was invited to show his works at the Rome Quadrennial Exhibition and this invitation was repeated in 1939 – 1943 and 1948.

His life
In 1940 he was present at the Bergamo Award. However, Bonfantini’s activities that started up with an immediate and secure success were interrupted for several reasons : due to military service, conspiracy, imprisonment and the war he was forced to remain away from his painting. When finally he was able to take up his art again, he closed himself in the shadow of his studio to compose his still life paintings with the usual subjects and renewed his walks in the Novara countryside, looking for that farm, those peasants, that stable, those trees which were so familiar to him.


"Gruppo di famiglia" 1932





Most important personal exhibitions:

Among his many personal exhibitions:

1945: Bottega d’arte, Novara

1947: Libreria del Bosco. Turin

1947: Galleria Milione, Milan

1969: Galleria Vinciana, Milan

1962: Personal Exhibition – Piemonte Artistico e Culturale, Turin

1963: Galleria Gissi, Turin

1967: Nuova Pesa, Rome

1974: Galleria il Vicolo, Genoa

1975: Galleria Niccoli, Pescara and Parma

1978: Galleria L’Incontro, Borgomanero

1980: Galleria Lo Scudo, Verona

1981: Studio d’Arte Le immagine, Turin

1983: Galleria casa dell’Arte, Sasso Marconi




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