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Giovanni Bellini 1430 - 1516


Italian Version


GIOVANNI BELLINI: (1430?-1516), Jacopo's younger son, continuously developed new methods throughout his life. 



His works

 His early paintings used firm lines to produce clear shapes in balanced arrangement. His later work showed more softness in detail and greater freedom in its planning. He developed a gentle feeling of mood, often based on small figures in quiet  poses surrounded by an airy landscape.



Religious themes

 Giovanni based many of his works on religious themes. His Saint Francis in Ecstasy appears in the Francis of Assisi, saint article. Giovanni Bellini's works also include Feast of the Gods in the Gods in the Widener Collection of the National Gallery of Art in Washington.

"Madonna con bambino" 1460-64

"Presentazione al Tempio" 1460-64

"Risurrezione di Cristo"  1475-79

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The Bellini's works of art



  "Christ's Blessing wood 1460 Louvre

  "Giovanni Emo"  Oil on wood c. 1475-83 National Gallery of Art Washington

   "The Virgin and Child with Two Saints" Oil on panel 1490 Prado

  "The Doge Barbarigo, St. John and Musician Angels" 1500 St. Pietro di Murano Venice

  "The Lamentation over the Body of Christ" Tempera on wood 1500 Uffizi

  "Virgin with Sts, Mark, Benedict, Nicholas and Peter" 1500 Santa Maria Gloriosa die Frari Venice

  "The Feast of the Gods" Oil on canvas 1514 National Gallery of Art Washington




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