Attardi Ugo 1923 - 2006




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Attardi Ugo: the artist was born in Sori (Genoa) in 1923, and died in Rome on  21/07/2006.


He attended the Art School in Palermo, then for one year the faculty of architecture. Attardi is not only a painter and a sculptor, he is also a writer.

Abstraction and Exhibitions

In Rome, 1947, he signed the Abstraction manifesto “Forma Uno” (One Form) as one of the founders, together with Perilli, Dorazio, Turcato and Consagra. He received an award at the IX Exhibition of Valle Rovato, was invited to exhibit his works at the XXVI and XXVI Venice Biennial Exhibitions, and at the VI and VII Rome Quadriennial Exhibitions. In 1986 at the XI Rome Quadriennial Exhibition he exhibited a 1984 wood polychrome “the singing woman” (donna cantante).



"Le luci del Tevere"

"Yo tambien soy medio pierna"

"Alba a New York"



Personal exhibitions

1947: Modern Art Studio in Rome;

1948-49: Art Club in Rome;

1961-65-66: La Nuova Pesa in Rome;

1963: Gallery 63 in New York;

1968-69-70-71: Gabbiano Gallery in Turin.


In 1950 Attardi abandoned Abstraction for more realistic art of an expressionist and popular figurative timbre. Around 1956 he created a magazine called “Città Aperta” (Open City) directing his artistic interests totally toward political commitment and close to the expressionism of Francis Bacon.


Traditional in painting and graphics, in sculpture, especially in wood..

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