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Annigoni Pietro: the painter was born in Milan in 1910 and died in Florence in 1988.

In 1925 his father, an electrotechnical engineer, was appointed general manager of “Teti” and he moved with the family to Florence. The student Annigoni finished his grammar school studies at the Scolopi school and dedicated himself entirely to art, with the full approval of the family.

A lover of nature and solitude, alternating this with the pleasant company of his friends, Annigoni explored all of Florence and the surrounding districts extensively, often pausing in the small streets, the taverns and the markets to draw or sketch the environments and items that caught his eye.

In this period the Orcagna Loggia was the object of his studies and for many months he would pass several hours every day drawing the statues and especially the people who lingered there.

Art Schools

In 1927 he entered the Academy of Fine Arts as a student of the first art course with Felice Carena, then went on to sculpture with Graziosi. He remained a member for about ten years, but was not a frequent attendant. He was continually and anxiously searching to find his individuality, and spent a lot of time at the engraving school of Celestini, and especially the nude classes in the same Academy, as well as frequenting the Artists' Circle.

First Personal Exhibitions

In 1929 his parents returned to Milan and he remained alone and became even more absorbed in his work. The same year he exhibited his paintings for the first time at the Cavalensi and Botti Gallery, then in 1932 with a personal exhibition at the Ferroni Palace Gallery in Florence. In 1944 he exhibited twelve pictures on the destruction of Florence. In 1946 it was the personal exhibition at the Ranzini Gallery in Milan, where his "Self-portrait" Autoritratto and "Ciaciarda" are hung.


"Bella italiana" 1951

"Direste voi che questo è l' uomo?" 1953

"Spaventapasseri" 1950

"Melograni" 1938

Apollo e Dafne



The Royal Family
As from 1949 he became very active as a portrait painter in England and his portraits of members of the Royal Family became public domain. These portraits include Elizabeth II painted in 1955, Philip, Duke of Edinburgh and Princess Margaret in 1957.

Main works
However, he did not neglect his work on canvasses and frescoes, among which the following are worthy of note:

1937-40 “The Deposition of Christ, Adam and Eve,Cain and Abel, Dominican Saints” (Cristo deposto, Adamo ed Eva, Caino ed Abele, Santi Domenicani) frescoes in the convent of St Mark in Florence;

1953 “The Sermon on the Mount” (Sermone della Montagna) a 4x3 mt canvas in the Ghisleri College in Pavia;

1958 “Crucifixion” (Crocifisso) fresco in the Parsh Church of Castagno d’Andrea;

1961 “The immaculate virgin “ (L’immacolata) 5.50 x 3 mt canvas in the Parish Church of the Claretian Fathers in Hayes (UK);

1963 “St. Joseph” (S. Giuseppe Lavatore) 3.50x2.70 mt. canvas in the S.Lorenzo Basilica in Florence;

1962 “Life” (Vita) 5.30 x3 mt canvas in the Art Academy of Dino Scalabrini in Montecatini;

1967–78 “Deposition and Resurrection , Jeremiah, Isaiah, The Ritual bath, The Resurrection of Lazarus, Christ in the Garden , The Last Supper, Apocalypse, Pentecost” (Deposizione a resurrezione, Geremia, Isaia, la Piscina Probatica, Resurrezione di Lazzaro, Cristo nell’Orto, Ultima Cena, Apocalisse, Pentecoste): a series of frescoes in The Sanctuary of the Madonna del Buon Consiglio at Ponte Buggianese in the province of Pistoia;

1979 “Martyrdom and Beatification of Maximus Kolbe” ( Martirologio e Beatificazione di Massimo Kolbe”) –1.80 x 3.75 canvas in the church dedicated to this saint in Padua,

1972-73 : frescoes in the Pontormoa Wethersfield- Amenia Room in New York;

1978-80 : Scenes from the life of St. Benedict and his glorification, in the Chiesa Maggiore church in Montecassino.


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