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Alinari  Luca Florence 1943



Italian Version


Luca Alinari:

The painter lives in Florence, where he was born in 1943.



 He exhibited four large-size mixed techniques in 1982 at the Venice Biennial Exhibition: “Fine dell’autostrada” (End of the Motorway), “Fuggire dal tempo fisso” (Escape from fixed time), “Mobiletto con bandiera” ( Cabinet with flag)  and “Cunicolo a ritroso” (Retracing the tunnel).

 In 1986 his paintings were exhibited in the Municipal building in Florence and at the Palace of Diamonds in Ferrara.



 His works are a filter of reflection that enriches reality, social and autobiographical real life; a filter that expresses itself through a high figural precision. The image results       denser, enriched with connections, with insinuations.



 The techniques used are many: from photographic fillings to decalcomania, collage, to the use of fluorescent colours, on the most varied supports.



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